10 facts about Valentine's Day Flowers

10 facts about Valentine's Day Flowers


Happy Friend's Day!

Did you know that Valentine's Day in Finland is celebrated as 'Friend's Day'? This celebration is meant to show appreciation for your friends! Such a lovely gesture!


Roses = Flower of Love

In ancient Mythology, roses were the flower to symbolize the Goddess of Love and in Shakespears classic sonnets, roses are mentioned over 70 times! Now you understand why roses are so popular for Valentine's! So romantic!


$33.3 billion spent!

It is estimated that around $33.3 billion is spent in the U.S on flowers for Valentine's day alone!



Red flowers and Red roses are the most purchased colour!


Mother's Day

After Valentine's Day, Mother's Day is the only other day in the entire year that beats Valentine's floral sales.


Valentine's Rose Secrets!

A single rose represents love at first sight whereas a dozen roses are for a 1 year anniversary where each rose represents each month together- so romantic!


Easy & Convenient

Valentine's flowers are super easy to acquire and are an extremely affordable gift with Flowers easily bought on e-florist shops and with UK- wide delivery, it just got easier!


Suitable for those with a busy lifestyle

For couples and lovers that live a busy and hectic lifestyle, artificial flowers and rose boxes can really save the day and online floral deliveries make it super easy to purchase and keep for a life-time!


A language that everyone understands!

Flowers are the best love language that everyone understands. Valentine's flowers go beyond just simple gifts but have the ability to express true feelings.


Rose Bouquets

There's no better way of telling the person you love with forever rose boxes where no maintenance is required and the rose gift box lasts forever!

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